Can Your Commercial Business Benefit from Synthetic Turf Maintenance?

Replacing your business’s natural grass with artificial turf is a great way to reduce your landscaping costs  – after all, you never have to water or mow fake grass! Though low-maintenance, artificial grass still needs some upkeep to stay clean and odor-free for your clientele. If you’re considering professional synthetic turf maintenance services for your business, read on to know if they might be right for you!

Turf Cleaning for Busy Areas

Synthetic turf’s durability makes it a popular choice for high-use areas. Artificial grass is an excellent investment if you run a busy sports center, gym or doggy daycare because it will hold up under heavy foot traffic. 

High traffic will also cause your turf to become dirtier much faster. Routine professional artificial grass maintenance services are essential for these spaces! Our Turf Techs use industrial-grade tools and cleaners to tackle jobs of all scales. No matter how much dirty shoes, pets and gymgoers have impacted your synthetic grass, we’ll bring it back to life.

Synthetic Grass Maintenance Plans for Low-Traffic Areas

Even if your artificial grass isn’t in a high-traffic part of your business, dust and debris will still accumulate over time. Left unaddressed, these materials will build up and prevent proper drainage.

All artificial turf needs the occasional deep clean. But in between cleaning appointments, reblooming services are the ideal way to refresh and restore low-traffic areas. We’ll remove debris, conduct a multi-point inspection and uplift your blades to keep your outdoor areas looking pristine and draining effectively.

Save With Artificial Grass Maintenance Plans 

We know you’ve got your hands full running a business – we make turf cleaning easy by offering a comprehensive range of service plans! We have an artificial turf maintenance package for every size of business; whether you need bi-annual or monthly appointments, CleanTurf has you covered.

We also offer customer loyalty discounts just for booking in advance! You can save up to 40 percent on the comprehensive synthetic grass cleaning services you love. For more information about CleanTurf, contact us online or call 602-875-0855.