How Important is Infill to Your Synthetic Grass Maintenance Routine?

As synthetic grass becomes increasingly popular, you might have noticed that one artificial turf lawn can look and feel very different from another. Some yards look incredibly natural and lush, while others are matted, dingy and inorganic in appearance. 

Artificial turf maintenance is key to keeping your lawn looking, feeling and smelling its best – and infill is an integral part of that! Not familiar with the term? We’ve broken down the basics of synthetic grass infill to give you a crash course on this essential part of your landscaping.

What is Synthetic Grass Infill?

Infill is the material sprinkled on top of artificial grass between the blades. Synthetic turf infill comes in a wide variety of compositions – you’ll find options made of everything from used tires to silica sand!

While the particles are small, infill plays a significant role in artificial grass maintenance! Infill helps keep the blades upright, ensures proper drainage and can even help eliminate bacteria. Proper infill levels are also key to preventing matting, which is why refilling it is a key part of our turf reblooming services.

How to Determine How Much Artificial Turf Infill You Need

So how do you know how much infill you need for your synthetic grass lawn? 

The exact amount needed will vary slightly depending on what type of infill you’ve chosen; your artificial grass maintenance provider will be able to provide an exact weight. Generally, you’ll want an average of two pounds of infill per square foot of synthetic grass. 

At CleanTurf, we employ a comprehensive process that ensures your turf is restored to optimal condition. We’ll add the perfect amount of infill to keep your turf looking lush and draining effectively. 

The Best Artificial Grass Infill for Pet Owners

If you have pets that use your turf as a bathroom, the type of infill you use will make a huge difference. Choosing an infill not designed for pets will result in a lawn that quickly becomes odorous.

We use TurFill by TurFresh: a patented formula proven to eliminate odor-causing bacteria at the chemical level. TurFill is all-natural and non-toxic, meaning that your children and pets can run back outdoors right after we leave!

CleanTurf is a trusted provider of artificial grass maintenance services nationwide. Our sustainable, effective cleaning solutions are ideal for keeping your artificial turf fresh and lush. Give us a call at 602-875-0855 or contact us online and ask about our service package discounts!