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How Do Power Brooms Help Your Artificial Turf?

If you have artificial grass installed in your home, then you know the importance of routinely reblooming your turf blades. From counteracting matting to aiding in drainage, reblooming your turf blades is an integral part of your synthetic turf maintenance routine. For those seeking to rebloom their turf blades in less time and with less […]

How Important is Infill to Your Synthetic Grass Maintenance Routine?

As synthetic grass becomes increasingly popular, you might have noticed that one artificial turf lawn can look and feel very different from another. Some yards look incredibly natural and lush, while others are matted, dingy and inorganic in appearance.  Artificial turf maintenance is key to keeping your lawn looking, feeling and smelling its best – […]

Can Your Commercial Business Benefit from Synthetic Turf Maintenance?

Replacing your business’s natural grass with artificial turf is a great way to reduce your landscaping costs  – after all, you never have to water or mow fake grass! Though low-maintenance, artificial grass still needs some upkeep to stay clean and odor-free for your clientele. If you’re considering professional synthetic turf maintenance services for your […]

What are the Most Common Stains That Require Turf Cleaning?

Artificial turf is a great low-maintenance alternative to natural grass. While synthetic grass saves you countless hours of mowing, watering and fertilizing, it can’t break down spilled drinks and dropped gum like natural turf.  Artificial grass maintenance services are the No. 1 way to preserve your turf – but messes don’t always happen right before […]

Here’s What You Should Avoid to Keep Your Artificial Turf Looking Great

If you’ve invested in artificial grass, you want to preserve your new lawn for as long as possible! In addition to comprehensive turf cleaning services, use these tips to keep your turf green and lush.  Never Use Harsh Chemicals on Your Synthetic Grass Natural grass requires pesticides and fertilizers, but with artificial turf, there’s no […]

How Can You Keep Up With Turf Cleaning Through Each Season?

If you’ve invested in artificial grass for your home or business, you want to make your landscaping last as long as possible. Proper turf maintenance is key to preventing bacteria growth, matting and other issues that can degrade artificial grass. We’ve broken down the best ways to maintain your synthetic grass lawn in every season […]

Important Turf Maintenance Tips to Deodorize Your Synthetic Grass Lawn

If it’s been a while since your last artificial grass maintenance service, your synthetic grass lawn might not smell its best – and nothing is less welcoming to your guests than an odorous backyard. While routine turf cleaning services are ideal for keeping your lawn fresh, these reliable tips will help minimize odors between CleanTurf […]

What are the Biggest Types of Stains on Artificial Turf?

With all the use your artificial grass lawn gets, some messes will inevitably happen on your lawn. Thankfully, messes don’t have to mean permanent stains.  We’ve broken down the four most common types of turf stains and how to prevent them.  Food & Beverage Spills If one of your guests spills a drink or drops […]

Turf Cleaning Tips to Remember for Winter

Replaced your natural grass lawn with artificial turf this year? You’re far from the only one! Synthetic grass is a fantastic way to conserve water and reduce your use of pollutants like pesticides and fertilizers. While you’ll never have to mow or water your new lawn, proper turf cleaning is essential to keeping that lush, […]