Important Turf Maintenance Tips to Deodorize Your Synthetic Grass Lawn

If it’s been a while since your last artificial grass maintenance service, your synthetic grass lawn might not smell its best – and nothing is less welcoming to your guests than an odorous backyard.

While routine turf cleaning services are ideal for keeping your lawn fresh, these reliable tips will help minimize odors between CleanTurf appointments.

Know What Causes Artificial Grass Odors

Dirt, sweat and the occasional food and beverage spill can all cause unpleasant odors if left untreated. The biggest culprit, however, is pet waste.

Proper turf maintenance is even more crucial if your four-legged friends use your artificial grass as a restroom. Being inorganic, synthetic turf can’t break down biological waste the way natural grass can – which leads to some strong, unpleasant odors.

Use Your Hose to Wash Away Pet Waste

You can minimize pet odors by regularly rinsing your artificial turf with a hose. This will help to wash away waste and prevent bacteria from accumulating on the surface of your artificial grass.

Invest in High-Quality Synthetic Grass

Not all turf is created equal. The better your synthetic turf’s drainage system, the more effective it will be at washing away waste. 

If your turf isn’t draining correctly, replacing it with high-quality materials will ensure your lawn stays fresher longer.

Keep Turf Cleaner On-Hand

During a CleanTurf appointment, our Turf Techs will apply a natural artificial grass deodorizer as part of our comprehensive process. While you might not have access to all the same tools as the pros (for example, a power broom), you can keep turf cleaner on hand to clean up spills and pet messes at home.

Artificial turf deodorizers work by breaking down odor-causing bacteria at the chemical level. At CleanTurf, we use all-natural, non-toxic products to prevent damage to your turf blades and the environment. 

Use Artificial Turf Infill for Pets

Refilling your infill as needed is part of both Turf Clean and Turf Bloom services. Because infill ensures proper drainage, it plays a crucial role in preventing odors.

At CleanTurf, we take it a step further by using artificial turf infill designed specifically for pet owners. Our odor-eliminating infill neutralizes the ammonia and proteins in pet waste to keep your lawn fresh. 

Give your family safe, clean outdoor areas they’ll love. At CleanTurf, we offer a wide range of service packages so you can choose the maintenance schedule that suits your home or business. We’ll even give you a customer loyalty discount for booking in advance! Call (602) 875-0855 or fill out our contact form to schedule your first CleanTurf service today.