How Can You Keep Up With Turf Cleaning Through Each Season?

If you’ve invested in artificial grass for your home or business, you want to make your landscaping last as long as possible.

Proper turf maintenance is key to preventing bacteria growth, matting and other issues that can degrade artificial grass. We’ve broken down the best ways to maintain your synthetic grass lawn in every season to help you extend the useful life of your new lawn!

Autumn Artificial Grass Maintenance

The changing leaves make fall a colorful and often favorite time of year.

As beautiful as the fallen leaves are – and as fun as jumping in a leaf pile is – don’t let them accumulate on your artificial turf for too long.

Because synthetic grass is an inorganic material, it can’t break down fallen leaves the same way natural grass does. Left unchecked, they can prevent proper drainage and cause mildew.

Use a plastic rake or a leaf blower to remove fallen leaves without damaging your synthetic turf’s blades.

Winter Turf Maintenance

While winter often brings the harshest weather conditions of the year, it won’t damage your artificial turf. 

In fact, turf maintenance during the cold is often easier than in any other season. You can remove snow with a plastic shovel if desired – otherwise, you can wait until it melts on its own.

Spring Turf Cleaning

Booking a Turf Clean appointment after the last winter snow melts away is the ideal way to prepare your lawn for spring. 

Our comprehensive turf cleaning services will refresh and restore your yard after months of snow, frost and ice. While these conditions won’t damage your artificial grass, they can leave behind dirt and debris that our Turf Techs will remove entirely. 

We’ll also decompact and rebloom your blades to have your lawn looking pristine before your first spring gathering.

Summer Artificial Turf Maintenance

Your lawn gets a lot of use in the summer. From soccer practice to family barbeques, your artificial turf ensures plenty of foot traffic this time of year.

Heavy use can cause matting, which makes a lawn look dull, flat and dingy. If your artificial grass appears lackluster, synthetic turf reblooming is exactly what it needs. Our Turf Bloom services restore and uplift your blades to put the life back in your lawn.

At Clean Turf, we offer a service package for every home and business owner. Whether you need monthly or bi-annual artificial grass maintenance services, we’ll keep your lawn fresh all year round. For more information about Clean Turf, visit our website or call (602) 875-0855 today!