Here’s What You Should Avoid to Keep Your Artificial Turf Looking Great

If you’ve invested in artificial grass, you want to preserve your new lawn for as long as possible! In addition to comprehensive turf cleaning services, use these tips to keep your turf green and lush. 

Never Use Harsh Chemicals on Your Synthetic Grass

Natural grass requires pesticides and fertilizers, but with artificial turf, there’s no reason to use harsh chemicals on your lawn. Your synthetic grass will stay green and pest-free all on its own. Plus, harsh products damage your turf’s blades, pollute the air and irritate human airways.

When it comes to artificial grass maintenance services, make sure your provider only uses gentle, non-toxic cleaning products on your turf.

Avoid Smoking and Barbequing

Today’s synthetic grass is incredibly durable, but it’s still made from plastic fibers. If an ignited ember manages to escape your fire pit, barbeque or cigarette, your turf can suffer irreparable damage.

To avoid burning your artificial grass fibers, place your barbeque atop a hardscape and avoid smoking on your turf.

Don’t Park on Your Artificial Turf

Parking your car on your artificial turf is inadvisable for two major reasons – the first is that cars can leak oil. While cleaning engine oil off your synthetic grass is possible, it’s not easy. Even with professional artificial turf cleaning, you might be left with some discoloration on the surface.

The second reason to avoid parking on your turf is that the weight of a vehicle exceeds what artificial grass can withstand. While the matting from heavy foot traffic and furniture placement can be corrected with a turf reblooming service, the stress a whole vehicle places on your turf will cause permanent damage.

Make Sure Gum Goes in the Trash

If you catch it quickly, you can remove stuck gum from your artificial turf using household products. Once it’s dried, removing gum is difficult to scrape off without damaging the blades. 

To preserve the lush, natural look of your lawn, make sure your family knows to throw their chewing gum in the trash instead of tossing it on your artificial turf.

When accidents and spills do happen on your lawn, make sure to call CleanTurf! Our turf techs have the tools and expertise to tackle any job – we’ll get your artificial grass looking and smelling like it was just installed. For more information about CleanTurf, give us a call at (602) 875-0855 or fill out our online contact form.