What are the Biggest Types of Stains on Artificial Turf?

With all the use your artificial grass lawn gets, some messes will inevitably happen on your lawn. Thankfully, messes don’t have to mean permanent stains. 

We’ve broken down the four most common types of turf stains and how to prevent them. 

Food & Beverage Spills

If one of your guests spills a drink or drops their plate on your artificial turf, moving quickly is key. 

First, you’ll want to pick up any solids and clean up as much excess liquid as possible. Generally, a rag and some water are enough to prevent stains from food and drinks.

If a stain occurs, a sponge and dish soap will take care of it.

Oil Spills

Oil stains can mean permanent damage to clothing and other materials, but they can usually be taken out of your artificial grass. 

Soak up any excess oil with a rag, then apply mineral spirits to the affected area of your turf. Often used to thin paint, mineral spirits can effectively break down oils and prevent them from staining your lawn. 

Rinse your artificial grass with water and repeat the process until the mark is completely lifted.

Sticky Materials

Sugary, sticky spills are much easier to clean once they’ve dried. However, you don’t have to wait for that piece of gum to dry on its own to get rid of it. 

A cooling agent, like ice or dry ice, will solidify a sticky substance. Then, you can use a plastic knife or spatula to scrap it off your turf fibers. 

A little dish soap and a rag will remove any remaining residue, leaving your lawn clean and stickiness-free!

Pet Waste 

If your pets use your artificial grass lawn as a bathroom, knowing how to erase the evidence is crucial to an odor and stain-free lawn.

Solid waste should be picked up and disposed of quickly. Next, apply a mixture of dish soap and water to the affected area.  Lastly, use a disinfecting spray to kill the remaining bacteria and prevent odors. 

Household remedies are great in a pinch, but regular Clean Turf services are ideal for extending the life of your artificial turf. Our Turf Clean services are a different kind of turf cleaning – we’ll disinfect your whole lawn, uplift your blades and refill your infill. If your yard is looking a little dull, our Turf Bloom provides the re-blooming it needs before an event or gathering.

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