Turf Cleaning Tips to Remember for Winter

Replaced your natural grass lawn with artificial turf this year? You’re far from the only one! Synthetic grass is a fantastic way to conserve water and reduce your use of pollutants like pesticides and fertilizers.

While you’ll never have to mow or water your new lawn, proper turf cleaning is essential to keeping that lush, green look all year round. This is especially true if you live in a region with harsh winters. 

Thankfully, maintaining your artificial turf in the winter is quick and easy with these three turf cleaning tips.

Prepare in Advance 

Before temperatures begin to drop and snow begins to fall, prepare your artificial turf for what’s to come. 

Remove any fallen leaves, twigs and other debris. This will prevent these organic materials from breaking down or molding beneath snow or frost.

Next, stock up on the tools you’ll need to maintain your lawn during winter. A plastic snow shovel, a soft bristle broom and a leafblower are great things to pick up if you don’t already have them!

Some folks also like to use a tarp to cover their turf before a snowstorm, although this is optional. Artificial grass can withstand any weather conditions.

Artificial Grass Maintenance in the Winter:

If you plan on using your synthetic turf during the winter (snowball contest, anyone?), use your leafblower or soft-bristle broom to gently remove snow from unwanted areas.

Prefer to stay indoors with some hot cocoa? There’s no need to remove snow, ice or frost – as they melt, your turf’s drainage system will be able to wash them away effectively.

Turf Cleaning After Winter Weather 

After five months of cold weather, your lawn deserves a thorough deep cleaning. Booking an artificial grass maintenance service is the No. 1 way to restore your lawn to its optimal condition. 

Our Turf Clean services include a comprehensive deep turf cleaning process that addresses every detail of your artificial grass. Your lawn will be thoroughly disinfected, refreshed and ready for all your favorite warm-weather activities.

Looking for a pick-me-up service right before an event or gathering? Booking a Turf Bloom appointment will give your lawn the de-matting it needs to look full and lush.

CleanTurf is proud to be a go-to for turf cleaning year-round. With a wide range of service packages available to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find one that works perfectly for your home or business! Contact us online or call (602) 875-0855 to book your first appointment today.