Three Essential Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips to Remember This Christmas

The holidays are a highlight of the year. We look forward to spending time with friends and family, hanging up Christmas lights and participating in traditions. As exciting as this time of year is, it can be equally stressful. Planning events and travel can be a lot to manage. 

Luckily, hosting a gathering outdoors is easy to prep for when you have artificial turf. These are our three best artificial grass maintenance tips to keep in mind this holiday season.

Remove Any Fallen Leaves

The changing colors in the fall are beautiful – until they turn brown and start to break down on your artificial turf. Synthetic grass won’t decompose leaves the way natural grass does, and the build-up of organic materials on your lawn can prevent proper drainage.

Use a rake to sweep up leaves, twigs and other debris. Make sure to use a tool with wooden or plastic bristles, as metal rakes can damage your turf’s blades.

Decorate Your Lawn for The Holidays

Artificial grass is notoriously low-maintenance, but you might not know that turf is easier to decorate, too.

Artificial turf won’t become muddy or die underneath Christmas decorations. Put up any inflatables, lights, trees or signs you like – just make sure to avoid using pegs or stakes. Heavy objects work just as well to keep your decoration in place and won’t damage your synthetic grass lawn. 

Prepare Your Artificial Grass for Activities

One of the biggest advantages of artificial grass is that it looks and functions great all year round. Your lawn is the perfect place to host a festive dinner or a showing of your favorite Christmas movies.

Before you break out the hot chocolates and Santa hats, make sure your synthetic grass is clean, safe and lush. Booking a CleanTurf synthetic grass cleaning service before the holidays is the perfect way to prepare your lawn for festivities. Our comprehensive process goes beyond a deep clean. In addition to a thorough disinfecting, we’ll re-attach your seams, tuck your edges and sweep with a magnet to remove any dangerous metal shards hiding within the blades.

Turf Clean and Turf Bloom services give your guests a fresh, clean space to enjoy the holidays. Our turf techs will restore your lawn to its optimal condition so you can focus on enjoying the season. Fill out our online contact form or call (602) 875-0855 to connect with our team today!