Which Tools are the Best Choice for Artificial Grass Maintenance?

Artificial grass is notoriously low-maintenance. If you’ve replaced a natural grass lawn with synthetic turf, you’re already enjoying the lack of watering, mowing and fertilizing it requires.

While it needs far less upkeep, artificial grass still needs some maintenance to look and smell fresh. Luckily, basic artificial turf maintenance is simple to do. You likely already have some simple tools on-hand that work great for synthetic turf cleaning. Read about our four favorite tools for maintaining your turf below. 

Lawn Rakes

Your artificial grass lawn is constantly exposed to the elements; twigs, leaves and other organic materials will inevitably land on your turf.  Because your yard is inorganic, it can’t break down these materials in the same way that natural grass does. If left unchecked, debris buildup can prevent proper drainage and lead to problems like mold and mildew. 

Using a lawn rake about once a month is all it takes to keep these problems at bay. Make sure to use a wooden or plastic rake, as metal tools will damage your blades.


With regular use, artificial grass tends to become matted. Not only does matting make your lawn look dull and dingy, but it prevents proper drainage as well.

Having a broom on-hand will help you keep matting at bay. Whenever you notice your lawn looking lackluster (usually around once a month), use a wooden or plastic broom to sweep the blades in the opposite direction of your turf’s natural grain. Doing so will re-bloom the blades and keep your artificial turf looking lush and draining efficiently. 

Garden Hoses

No, you don’t need to water a synthetic grass lawn to keep it alive. However, the occasional rinse with a garden hose can help to keep your synthetic turf in optimal condition.

Rinsing your lawn will eliminate pet waste, dust and pollen. While it can vary based on the time of year and how often pets use your lawn, a weekly rinse is generally all your turf needs.

Other Tools for Artificial Grass Maintenance

Rakes, brooms and garden hoses are great for maintaining your artificial turf lawn on your own. These simple tools can prevent major issues like mold and help to keep odors at bay.

While these tools are a great place to start, artificial turf benefits most from routine artificial grass maintenance services. CleanTurf provides a deeper clean using highly-effective turf deodorizers and industrial-grade rotary brushes. Our turf cleaning process doesn’t stop there; we’ll also conduct a thorough inspection, tucking your edges and removing any dangerous metal hiding between the blades. We can even refill your infill as an add-on.

Our Turf Clean and Turf Bloom services are the best way to care for and extend the life of your outdoor areas. We’ll do the tough work for you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy a lush, clean lawn. Contact us online or call (602) 875-0855 and ask about our customer loyalty discounts.