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Which Tools are the Best Choice for Artificial Grass Maintenance?

Artificial grass is notoriously low-maintenance. If you’ve replaced a natural grass lawn with synthetic turf, you’re already enjoying the lack of watering, mowing and fertilizing it requires. While it needs far less upkeep, artificial grass still needs some maintenance to look and smell fresh. Luckily, basic artificial turf maintenance is simple to do. You likely […]

Three Useful Turf Cleaning Tips After a Skunk Sprays Your Lawn

The smell of a skunk is unmistakable. It’s unpleasant to experience out in public, but it’s even more frustrating in your own backyard. If your artificial grass has been sprayed by a skunk, the odor can have your family avoiding the yard for days. Thankfully, there are a few cleaning tips you can use to […]

Four Essential Facts You Need to Know About Power Brooming

Like any landscaping, artificial turf requires routine maintenance to look its best. However, synthetic grass is just that – synthetic. Because it’s organic, artificial grass needs a different kind of maintenance than any other landscaping material. In order to combat synthetic turf problems like matting and compacting, artificial grass maintenance providers will use a tool […]

Four Effective Ways to Perform Synthetic Turf Maintenance This Fall

Artificial turf maintenance looks a little different every season. Autumn weather, as beautiful as it is, brings with it its own problems that can occur on your synthetic grass. Luckily, staying on top of artificial grass cleaning in the fall is easy. Here are four practical ways to keep your lawn looking great this autumn! […]

Three Easy Turf Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn From Smelling

Odors are the biggest concern pet owners have when it comes to artificial grass. If you’ve ever visited a home where the owners didn’t properly take care of pet waste, you’ll understand why proper artificial grass maintenance is so important Thankfully, there are a few essential artificial grass cleaning tips that will keep your lawn […]

Three Turf Maintenance Tips to Ensure Your Turf’s Longevity

Artificial turf is relatively new to use in residential settings. It was primarily seen in sports fields and businesses like fitness centers until the last few years. If you’ve recently swapped your natural grass for artificial turf, you might wonder how to maintain it. Here are three artificial grass maintenance tips to help extend the […]

Three Turf Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Lawn Smelling Fresh

Installing artificial grass is a great way to save time and money on landscaping maintenance. Not only will you slice your water bill in half, but your weekends are now free from the constant mowing and fertilizing you had to do to keep your natural grass alive. While it’s significantly lower maintenance, artificial turf still […]