Four Effective Ways to Perform Synthetic Turf Maintenance This Fall

Artificial turf maintenance looks a little different every season. Autumn weather, as beautiful as it is, brings with it its own problems that can occur on your synthetic grass.

Luckily, staying on top of artificial grass cleaning in the fall is easy. Here are four practical ways to keep your lawn looking great this autumn!

Remove Leaves & Debris

We love the changing leaves as much as the next person. Unfortunately, artificial turf can’t break down fallen leaves in the same way that natural grass can. Left alone, leaves can prevent proper drainage and even cause mold or moss to begin to grow on your artificial grass. Clearing any fallen leaves and other debris will help you avoid these issues.

Get Rid of Moss

Removing moss growth from your artificial grass quickly is crucial to keeping the problem from getting out of hand. There are two basic steps to remove moss.

The first is rinsing your artificial grass. If your moss growth is mild and you have a hose with good water pressure, a basic rinse is often enough to stop moss growth in its tracks.

For good measure, you’ll also want to brush your artificial grass. You can use a broom, a power brush or a garden vacuum to pick up the remaining pieces of moss from your lawn.

Brush and Re-Bloom Your Blades

Fall is marked by countless fun activities. From trick or treating to hosting family gatherings, your yard likely gets a lot of extra foot traffic this time of year.

All that use can cause matting, which not only makes your artificial grass look dull but can affect drainage as well. Brushing your lawn with a stiff plastic broom will fluff and re-bloom your blades, helping your artificial turf look lively and drain properly. Artificial grass reblooming services are an excellent option for accomplishing this as well.

Perform Regular Artificial Turf Cleaning

Depending on your area’s weather patterns and how much use your lawn gets, the frequency of cleaning your artificial turf needs will vary. 

If you live in a dry climate with little rainfall, you might need more regular artificial turf maintenance. The occasional synthetic turf cleaning might be all your lawn needs if you get plenty of rain in the fall.

Regardless of your lawn’s needs, CleanTurf has a service schedule available for you. Whether you need monthly or bi-annual artificial turf maintenance services, we’re the best way to keep your lawn looking great all year round. Our comprehensive process goes above and beyond a basic cleaning to ensure your yard is truly refreshed and restored to optimal condition. Call us at (602) 875-0855 or contact us online to learn more about what CleanTurf can do for you!