Four Essential Facts You Need to Know About Power Brooming

Like any landscaping, artificial turf requires routine maintenance to look its best. However, synthetic grass is just that – synthetic. Because it’s organic, artificial grass needs a different kind of maintenance than any other landscaping material.

In order to combat synthetic turf problems like matting and compacting, artificial grass maintenance providers will use a tool called a power broom. Power brooming can work wonders for an artificial turf lawn when done correctly. If you’ve recently installed artificial grass for the first time or are looking into synthetic turf maintenance, these are the four things you need to know about power brooms.

The Purpose of a Power Broom

Unless you work in the artificial grass industry, you’re probably not familiar with this tool. Power brooms were created uniquely for artificial grass maintenance and aren’t used in other applications.

The “power” aspect of power brooms comes from their rotating, plastic bristles. This makes power brooms great for fixing issues like matting, wear patterns and debris. 

How Power Brooms Can Damage Your Artificial Grass

Like any tool, misusing a power broom will cause more harm than good. Because it’s an industry-specific tool, power brooms are best left to the professionals.

An artificial turf maintenance expert will know what to look for before using a power broom. They’ll re-attach your seams, check for damaged areas, and ensure the perimeter is securely nailed down. Taking the time to do this thorough inspection is a vital part of the professional synthetic grass maintenance process that prevents the power broom from causing any damage to your turf.

How to Avoid Problems With Power Brooming

If your artificial turf comes with a warranty, you’re covered against problems like fading, premature breakdown and manufacturer issues. Damage from someone who power-broomed your lawn without knowing what they were doing? Not so much.

That’s why choosing an expert in artificial grass maintenance is so critical. Synthetic grass is different from any other landscaping materials, and hiring someone who isn’t specially trained in power brooming turf can be detrimental. 

Improper use of a power broom breaks down the material of your blades, causing fraying, matting and other issues. To extend the life of your artificial grass as long as possible, make sure to hire an experienced professional for all your artificial turf cleaning and reblooming needs.

What Over-Power Brooming Can Do to Your Synthetic Grass 

Using a power brush too heavily on artificial turf can lead to matting, blade splitting, memory loss and even warranty voiding. Some of these issues are irreversible, causing you to entirely replace your outdoor areas.

Power brooming is a fantastic tool for restoring your lawn when done by a qualified, experienced team. At Clean Turf, our Turf Techs take every precaution to prevent damage while restoring your outdoor areas to optimal condition through our Turf Blooming service. Don’t settle for less than the best for your lawn – contact us online or call us at (602) 875-0855 to book your first Clean Turf appointment today.